We are looking for loving homes for 3 male cats in the DC Metro area. Can you help?

Three handsome male kitties living in north Silver Spring, Maryland need a new home ASAP! They all have their claws and are indoor/outdoor cats. They have been “fixed” and have gotten regular checkups and veterinary care, including vaccinations, since they came into the family. The gang is named: Billy, Bucky and Benjamin and all are approximately 10 years old. We hope to keep Billy and Bucky together if possible.

The cats were cared for with great love by two elderly people, who passed away in quick succession. Family and friends have tended the cats since they were orphaned in July. New homes are urgently sought!

Please share this link to friends and neighbours in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

Bucky & Billy

Sweet and shy, Bucky likes affection but also plays it cool depending on his mood. The tinkle of his collar bell lets you know when he's frisky with a cat toy. He can be in the company of children of any age and especially likes to have Billy in his life. Together, he and his soulmate  tussle and playfully wrestle, or groom one another. 

Billy is super affectionate and loves kids (and adults) of all ages. He will politely tap you with his paw to let you know he would like some love, if you please. He also loves Bucky’s company. 


A tall, ‘dark’ and very handsome cat, Benjamin needs special care. He has a thyroid issue and needs an ointment rubbed on his ear once a day for life. He likes to be outdoors whenever you let him. 

Benji is in a temporary home in NW Washington. We'd love to get him established in a permanent home as soon as possible. 

Able to adopt? Know someone who is? Please get in touch:

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