Fire on Brexit

The fire on Brexit
is smoking hot
Our great nation
might be forgot

We can cancel Brexit
Stand tall and true
But if we don't
What can we do?

Is isn't the people
That's making us down
It's not even the government
But they still give us a frown

It's the papers
That put us in a cage
Telling lies and stories
That don't give us a page

We spent so long
To try to get ourselves in
And now we're out
A new story will begin

I beg your pardon
I lied back there
We're not out yet
We have a chance to be fair

If we do another vote
For everyone
Our choice will change
We'll stand as one

As I said
The papers won't allow it
They'll stir up stuff
To make us change back to Brexit

But we won't allow it
We'll stand tall and true
We'll conquer Brexit
With me and you.

Hammer (Age 12)