To Nonny, from Hammer

In memory of Papa (1924-2014)


© 2010 Hammer's mom. All rights reserved.

Papa Frogcatcher he was

and it happened all because

Max, a black-and-white kitty

thought frogs were unusually pretty.

In the garden was a small pond

of which the frogs were quite fond.

They’d visit each year

to lay their eggs so dear.

First, tadpoles caught Max’s eye.

Then frogs were leaping so high.

© 2013 Hammer's uncle. All rights reserved.

Max thought it was lots of fun

to bring them inside one by one.

He’d drop them most everywhere:

kitchen….bedroom…once on a living room chair!

To the man of the house it did fall

to capture these frogs, one and all.

His early attempts were a chase

following froggies all over the place…

Determined to be gentle and kind

at last, a plan came to mind.

A tea towel dropped from above

gently wrapped round like a glove

Kept froggies safe and unmarred

as he carried them out to the yard.

This routine continued each summer

and though often it felt like a bummer

He usually did it with laughter

And was Papa Frogcatcher thereafter.

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